How to get a thousand subscribers on Youtube?

Alexey Kartinnik, better known as ITBoroda blogger, talks about life hacks that will bring the first thousand subscribers to your channel. He speaks on the first thousand because it is this number of people (and 4000+ hours of viewing your videos) when monetization becomes available.

The topic of your channel and audience portraitConcept and content planGetting ready to productionFrequency of publicationsThe cover is the basis of high CTRUse social networks for distributionDo not lean on advertisingCommunityDevelopment

The topic of your channel and audience portrait

The approach to a YouTube channel should be serious, like if you were a responsible marketer. Therefore, decide on the topic of the channel and try to imagine your subscriber. It is important to clearly imagine what he will be interested in and what kind of content he wouldn’t like.

Concept and content plan

From the very start, you need to understand what video format you will make. This can be blogging monologues on camera, interviews with heroes, animated or fun sketches, debates of several guests, streams, etc. Having decided on the format, you need to create a small content plan. Outline 10-15 topics for future videos and make concept scenarios for the first ones.

Getting ready to production

Find a place for filming that is available at least once a week (your flat is best). If you do not know how to set the light and the camera, then hire an operator as this will prevent defocused footages and cut off heads. Rent good equipment (light and sound) on the day when filming is planned for, or ask friends to lend it to you. It would cost you up to $ 100. If you are confident in the long life of your Youtube channel, then buy your equipment: it may cost you a pretty penny like a few thousand dollars, but this investment will pay off after 10-20 videos.

Frequency of publications

You need to publish issues at least once a week as Youtube likes when videos come out with such frequency. If you publish less frequently the algorithms will dislike the channel and will not recommend your videos. In a perfect world, you shall release a new video on the same day and time. The best time for publications is usually the morning of Tuesday and Thursday.

The cover is the basis of high CTR

For each issue, you need to make a bright and laconic cover. Come up with a simple and enticing name, a comprehensive description, and put down appropriate tags. Here is a lifehack: you need to insert keywords in the name, description, and tags to make recommendation algorithms like your channel. By the way, there is a free service VidIq that will help you with tags and optimization.

Use social networks for distribution

Announce your releases on social networks. For me, LinkedIn suddenly worked well. Communities in VK and Telegram also work well. Just scatter your issues with a request to publish, or offer barter: publication in exchange for a link to a group in the video description.

Do not lean on advertising

Do not invest in advertising on third-party sites and do not buy subscriptions as it does not work. If you still want to spend money, then it is better to buy advertising from YouTube channels with similar topics.


Communicate in the comments with subscribers, hold contests and ask questions in the video. All this is necessary to create the activity of your subscriber community around your content. It is these people who will become the conduits and ambassadors of your channel on the network.


Do not stop, continue to make quality content. Look for adherents, chat with them. Be active, and in 2-6 months you will have the first thousand subscribers.