How to come up with an idea for a startup?

Elena Malyutsina is the CEO of Artyline. It is a startup that recognizes sketches and turns them into digital prototypes. Elena tells you which path the founder must go before the idea with which you can try to conquer the market comes up.

Identify the problemFirst ideas are just rudiments

Identify the problem

It doesn’t work like that. It is important to understand your sphere very well, communicate with people who are much cooler than you in this industry, and learn about problem areas from people who work in this field every day.

First ideas are just rudiments

As a rule, the first versions of an idea are far from the one that pans out. It’s like a telescope sight: at first, you just roughly outline the kind of boundaries of the problem area that exists in your domain sphere. And then crush it into smaller fragments and examine them in detail step by step, test hypotheses, and communicate with people as much as possible. So, fragment by fragment, you will study the problem from top to bottom. This is a long process. But only after plunging in detail, a person begins to navigate well what to do with the problem areas found and which solution can bring excellent income with minimal investments and risks.