What is modern SEO promotion based on?

Siarhei Anikushin, the co-founder of Myfin.by, Bankiros.ru, Mainfin.ru, Domovita.by, spoke about from what to start developing a site that will exist due to traffic from search engines.



In 2018, Google launched its service. https://web.dev

He checks the site in 4 directions, presumably in order of priority for Google itself: Performance. It is the speed of opening a site, the performance of all its parts, etc. Accessibility. It is the lack of barriers on the users' way to the content. Best Practices. The point is to use best practices from installing the HTTPS protocol to the modern generation of image compression services. SEO. This indicator shows whether the content is relevant to users requests. It also estimates of content’s usefulness and its' visibility for search engines.

The main feature of the service is the recommendations on how to fix errors.

Lifehack for beginner web businessmen:

  1. List 10 sites on the selected topics that are in Google’s top for the main key queries.
  2. Drive them through the web.dev service, write down their indicators.
  3. Make your site better for all 4 indicators. Just follow all the tips that Google has given your site.

To be in the top, your site should be better in all respects than those sites that are already in the SERP.


This tool allows you to analyze metrics of any site like traffic, average time spent by a user and the average number of pages that he views each time he visits. These indicators tell the search engine algorithm how much users are interested in your content and your site as a whole. The higher these numbers, the better.

The second important point is that Similarweb shows which keywords and phrases bring the most organic traffic, by which keywords contextual advertising is shown, from which sources the main traffic comes (search, social networks, direct visits, etc.). The data about the leaders of the chosen niche will help to make up the semantic core of the site and plan publications for the necessary keywords.